MARCH HOMEWORK from Ms.Malgeri

See the homework on the blog.  Here is your rubric:

BRAVE NEW VOICES - EPISODE #1:  Write What You Know

Watch the following episode (if you double click on the episode, you can watch it on HD through YouTube) and choose your favourite poet.  Answer the following questions in complete sentences:

1.  Which Poet in this episode is you favourite and why? 

2.  What line or lines stick out from your poet and why? 

3.  How can you identify with the poets featured in this show? 

4.  How does the director of the show create pathos for the poets?  What techniques are used in fillming and in story development? 

5.  There is an adage about writing, "Write what you know".  Do you believe this is accurate about poets?  Do you believe that the best writing is autobiographical?  Explain. 

You will be writing a poem that you have to perform in front of the class.  For today's exercise in spoken word, take an event or memory in your life and try to put it into rhyme (if you are writing about a private issue, you do not have to share this poem with the class -- keeping in mind that I am a teacher and anything you share with me that is illegal I am required, by law, to report it to guidance).  Remember that poems are a process and it can take you days, weeks, months, even years to finish a poem; be ready to write down all the words in your head and be prepared to throw some of those words away. 

** Warning:  Some expletive language used. 

For more performances from Episode 2 & 3 of Brave New Voices, Click Here.

Which is your favourite? 

Brave New Voices -- FULL EPISODE #1

Extended Metaphor

Practice using extended metaphors and allegories with the brilliance that Nkechi Edeh does. 

Refund by Proverb

Bad Boyfriend by Thadra Sheridan

I Want to Kiss You by Ikpi

Like, You Know?  by Taylor Mali

If I Controlled The Internet by Rives

Land of Poets by asaidsam

On Girls Lending Pens by Taylor Mali (not a Slam Poem, but it is funny!)

First Writing Since by Suheir Hammad (on 9/11)

Dear Son by Zora Howard

Mixed Emoticons by Rives

P.O.W. by Alicia Keys

Give Me a Chance by Beau Sia

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