Note on Heroic Pattern (apply to Harry Potter)

Rubric for Myth article paragraph (to be EMAILED to Mr. Cohen)

My Olympian God Presentation

Each student is to present five points on their assigned Olympian god. 

    1.  What is my god the god of?
    2.  What symbols represent my god?
    3.  Who is my god related to?
    4. & 5.  Two other pieces of interesting information about my god (could be a point or could be a story)

You will present your god while other students record the information you present.  After students have presented on all gods, we will have a multiple choice test to evaluate your research skills and your listening skills.

Greek Mythology Skit

Dramatize the story you have been assigned in class.  The skit should be no longer than 2 minutes. 

Myth Article Online

Please read the article from the Times online.  You must take notes while you read (so cutting and pasting the article into a word document might be helpful because then you can print it out and write on it).  in addition to your notes, you must summarize the article in three (3) sentences).

The Need for New Myths